Wednesday, 6 December 2017

SAFS - Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship [ Canada ]

Hey academians? Being silenced, censored, abused for your point of view? Check out SAFS Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.. <----facebook page link website here
"Formed in 1992, SAFS is:
Primarily concerned with institutions of higher learning in Canada.
A non-profit organization financed by membership fees and voluntary contributions.
Not aligned with any political party -- our membership spans the political spectrum.
A society with members all across Canada and in other countries. 
Open to all persons sharing our goals, whether or not they are working in a university.
Maintaining freedom in teaching, research, and scholarship.
In pursuit of their scholarly goals, members of the university may take positions that are not in accord with popular beliefs. We oppose measures such as speech codes, extra-legal tribunals and so-called anti-hate legislation that may infringe on the right and responsibility of the academic community (faculty and students) to teach and do research on controversial subjects.
Maintaining standards of excellence in academic decisions about students and faculty.
Many universities have policies that are discriminatory to the extent that they favour groups of students or faculty on the basis of race, sex, etc. Such preferential treatment is unfair, is damaging to academic excellence, and stigmatizes the very groups so favoured. We espouse equality of opportunity but oppose preferential treatment." with thanks Mark Mercer, Halifax Nova Scotia.

[photo:  DVD "Agora" a film about the life of Hypatia by Alejandro Amenabar IMBb link here  ]

Monday, 4 December 2017

In Europe, some ultra-conservatives say their national identity is at risk

Archontic Dementia 2: The Robot Sophia is Not the True Singularity of No...

Mythophrenia in Action: continuing talks by JLL, gnostic voice on the internet

Carnival "barkers" invite suckers and spectators into the side show or freak show. 

Goetia: magical invocation of demons or archontic parasites\
Zaddikim: splinter sect of the Biblical Hebrews
tzaddik: "the righteous, perfect one, supreme, chosen"

Goertzel: Goe-tia + tz : tzaddik + zel /ot - zel/ig and have been restored by the server. 

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Archontic Dementia 1: The AI Robot Sophia is a Fraud

"Hemp Bound" Doug Fine .. the true Green revolution is not windfarms...

Dr. Oren Amitay explains what gender dysphoria is to FBM

PERFUME WAR - NEW Trailer (2016)

Shit Communitarians Do.... No thanks... The Sackville Commons

Ask the Professor, Dec. 4, 2017 ~ John Robson, Ottawa


Talking w/ Faith Goldy, Ukrainian/Greek Cdn indie reporter

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Canada: Identity vs. Values ~ Faith J. Goldy, indie Cdn reporter

Faith J. Goldy, indie Canadian journalist, reporter, and force to be reckoned with ..

Faith has investigated and reported on the problems in Canadians schools with muslim refugees..

Faith has a degree in history and is no dummy.. she is also a gun rights advocate and free speech advocate.. her debut video...

Faith started her own media company to fight against runaway immigration policy, censorship, and to promote freedoms and liberty, and Conservative values.

Highlights from Daniel Friberg's lecture at CEU (August 2016) (NEW)

How to gaslight whites 101:

Whites are racist oppressors.
Nonwhites are victims.
But race doesn't exist.
Yet racial diversity is the ideal.
Let's celebrate our diversity.
But we're all the same.
And we should mix.
But only in white nations.

Into the Digital Gulag

Professor David M. Haskell speaks to FBM at Free Speech rally

FBM talks to Lindsay Shepherd at Free Speech rally at Laurier University