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Technocracy Rising: An Interview with Patrick Wood

Community Land Trusts are Communitarianism

Learn more about communitarianism at 
Conservationists, such as Community Forests International, are working with and as land grabbers and work for Agenda 2030 communitarian agenda... they don't care about your individual land rights, they are collectivists, environmentalists, technocrats, elitist scientific class.. and prefer to promote land reserve that keep humans out .. a local example with funded "Community Forests International" is starting up and beginning the process of gathering property into their trusts .. imagine that?

Video filmed a Beech Hill Park a few years ago .. before Phil Handrahan decided to lock the gates to the public .. for the greater good .. what an ass.

India Report On Justin Trudeau

ID Canada gives notices Halifax Nova Scotia after removal of Cornwallis Statue

The REAL reason for Europe's influx of migrants - Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks

Gaddafi's Prophecy, 2011 - "Europe will turn black"

Jagmeet Singh for Prime Minister of Canada??

Multiculturalism in Canada is Anti-White

Canadian Multiculturalism: How It's Different

Being a Social Justice Warrior - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 88

Identity Politics Is Not The Problem - Council of European Canadians

Identity Politics Is Not The Problem <---- CEC article

Why Is Angelina Jolie Visiting NATO (SHAPE)? Kaye Griggs

Radio 3Fourteen - Matt Presti - Dr. Walter Russell: Seed of the Cosmic Man

Red Ice Radio - Matt Presti & Robert Otey

Community Land Trusts - Communitarianism - Agenda 2030

As they move into accelerated land grabbing/farms being seized in S. Africa its important to know that it will happen here if not exposed & opposed.. Agenda 2030 is implemented through instruments such as "Community Land Trusts" its communitarianism . CLTs.. pay attention.

The Global Goals for Agenda 2030 are about removing all private property from individuals. Period.
They [communitarians] honestly believe they know best how to steward lands & not the ordinary people.
Community Forests International promotes Community Land Trusts .. they're funded and aggressive.. their work is not concerned with prosperity, industry, economy or the betterment of individuals yet they are visibly promoted and celebrated.. they've been asked to get involved with Hemp History Week, they won't.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Traditionalism as The Enemy of Nihilism

The Subversion of Symbols - Julius Evola (Recognitions)

Regular Council Meeting - February 12, 2018 - Town of Sackville NB Canada

I don't attend these meetings for so many reasons .. but I do watch the youtubes... the mayor is a technocrat & a communitarian .. his concerns are not mine..
he promotes a carbon tax .. #carbon tax is theft .. he wants a $60Million windfarm .. I would like to see a great skatepark for the youth for a fraction of that price.

I confirm that he knows that his town hall staff have blocked me from their facebook page and therefore don't understand the concept of free speech and never will .. their version of democracy is laughable...

Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age ~ Prof. Ricardo Duchesne [Arktos]

All three of Prof. Ricardo Duchesne's books are essential for your home library.

UNB, SJ Professor Duchesne writes at

Best seller .. "Canada in Decay - Mass Immigration, Diversity and The Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians" from Black House Publishing UK...

"Faustian Man In A Multicultural Age" from Arktos Media UK
and 2011, from Brill... "The Uniqueness of Western Civilization"

David Suzuki is not your friend Canada... but Patrick Moore sure is!!!

Jason Kenney Alberta writes..
"Outrageous that the teachers union paid up to $50,000 for David Suzuki to defame Alberta’s energy industry & call for it to be “shut down.” Their salaries & pensions are paid for partly by the wealth created by Albertans who work in that industry."

Patrick Moore.. however.. I believe is a truly great Cdn.
I really didn't think I could love this guy more than I already do .. thanks sir says: "David Suzuki is Public Enemy #1 in Canada. He would see people die by the millions. He is the biggest jerk ever born."
[that's Patrick under the P back in his founder days with Greenpeace]

 Author of...

Squatting Slav TV Interview with Jill Colton, Canada

Fluoride Does Not Reduce Tooth Decay-But THIS Does!

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

JF & The USA German Israeli Jew Behind Alt-Right ....

Land or Death: Mandela's Failed Rainbow Nation

The Purity of the Hunter: A Message for Young Wolves in the Pack

White Farmers Slaughtered in South Africa | Lauren Southern

Lügenpresse: Rolling Stone Lies About Lana Lokteff

Sex, Love and Tomahawks .. reproduced with permission from Michael Thurlow

  1. “Sex, Love, and Tomahawks” – The Baron — UNBSJ's Independent Student Press
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  5. Editor in Chief’s notes: This is the complete, unedited, uncensored commentary written by National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party leader Michael Thurlow. The Baron reached out to Thurlow shortly after the Brunswickan reported on the “white supremacist posters found at UNBF” and he provided both an interview and a ‘letter to the editor’ commentary for publishing.
  7. Freedom of  expression is a very easy standard for people to espouse. The difficult task is to defend or act upon that purported belief when called upon to do so. We at the Baron believe in unfettered freedom of speech and expression… This commentary, as well as the published interview, represents the Baron’s effort to act upon its values.
  9. On the 6th of June during a full meeting of the NSCLRP leadership on a private online chat-server so that our members from coast to coast could attend and be present; one of our New Brunswick officers detailed a series of Anti-European posters advertising for lectures or talks on the UNB Campus: Fredericton.
  11. Of the Anti-European propaganda detailed, the most recent poster inscribed with the message “What does Whiteness do? Settler Colonialism, feminism and epistemic innocence”, as well as posters embossed with the message of “The Violence of Whiteness” and other similar slogans.
  12. The NSCLRP decided, by a 100% in favour vote by the Leadership, to address the most recent poster involving “Settler Colonialism” as well as to tackle, by proxy, the “Violence of Whiteness” sentiments with a poster campaign involving the historical exaggerations and lies involving the Residential School System.
  14. We chose to incorporate quotes from Tomson Highway, chiefly:
  16. “You may have heard stories from 7,000 witnesses in the process that were negative,” he adds. “But what you haven’t heard are the 7,000 reports that were positive stories. There are many very successful people today that went to those schools and have brilliant careers and are very functional people, very happy people like myself. I have a thriving international career, and it wouldn’t have happened without that school.”
  18. Our intentions were several-fold,  first;  we wished to offer information which contradicts the conventional narrative that is put forward to incite European Guilt.  We wanted to offer a second perspective from an individual with personal experience, because surely personal experience supersedes conjecture and third party positions.
  20. Secondly; much like the Hidden Shoah tapes, we wanted to expose Canadians to a “survivor” who tells the truth about his personal experiences within the Residential System to chip away, mote by mote, at the quasi-Holocaust status that the Residential School System holds in the collective mind of the Canadian People.
  22. And Thirdly, we decided by consensus, that it would be incredibly effective to provoke the Left Wing into denouncing the opinions of a “Person of Colour” which we achieved beyond our wildest imagination when the National Press, including the CBC, picked up this story and “Whitesplained” (to use their terminology) over the voice of an Aboriginal individual who has spoken the truth about his experiences and the outcome of those experiences.
  24. The National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party,  like Mr. Highway, recognize that there were some terrible events which did occur within the Residential Schools, however;  the NSCLRP also recognizes that the Native American was by all accounts far from the imagined “Nobel Red” who shed a tear at the dropping of trash on the land but rather a loose collection of tribes and bands which would brutalize and slaughter one-another over land disputes, scalping and killing their way across the plains in almost unending wars against rival tribes. This is supported by the fact that the common image of a Native (The Cherokee) sports a haircut specifically designed to prevent scalping by thatching the fringe and forelocks so short that an Enemy could not grip his head to scalp him.
  26. The scalping tradition carried on long into the 1700s during the Pontiac’s War when the forts at Venango, Le Boeuf, and Presqu’ile were sacked by Aboriginal raiding parties.
  28. The English retaliation, regarding small-pox blankets,  conceived by Lord General Amherst made the News in 2017 as his name was ripped off the street signs in Montreal due to manufactured European Guilt.
  30. And therein lies the crux of the matter.  Our Canadian history is revised, erased or destroyed by well-meaning but wholly biased self-flagellating Europeans who have been lured into naivety by a constant stream of one-sided, biased, Anti-European propaganda which plays endlessly from every radio, every television station and in every lecture hall on every University Campus.
  32. When Residential Schools are brought up, we are only ever told how evil and rotten and vicious the “White Man” was to the “poor, peaceful, spiritual” Native.
  34. No one talks about the hundreds of Englishmen who were murdered at their posts by raiding parties, no one talks about the constant barbarity of inter-tribal warfare over land, no one talks about the bizarre rituals involving self-mutilation like the Sun-Dance where young Native boys were encouraged to stick fish-hooks through their nipples and tether themselves to a pole so they could throw their whole body weight backwards for “Bravery and Courage.”
  36. While even the NSCLRP agrees that perhaps the Residential School System was not the most effective way to bring the Native into civilization, the NSCLRP agrees that it was the only way to attempt to civilize an incredibly, and historically proven, uncivilized society, and for men like Mr. Highway and many others it has worked.
  38. The Natives had no agriculture,   they had no hospitals, they had no police stations, they had no universities.  Everything they have today was built by Europeans, every institution of which they benefit, including Law and “reparations” are the conceptions of Europeans, not Natives.
  40. The Mainstream Press has taken great umbrage at our claims that the Natives are largely beneficiaries rather than victims of the “White Colonization”
  42. But let’s remind ourselves here, the epicentre of all this controversy is a university campus,  a campus established in 1910, a campus which would not have existed without the presence of Europeans,  of course, the NSCLRP would not exist either,  and when you examine the Left-Wing Marxist prerogative and carry it through to it’s logical conclusions,  that’s exactly what they wish for,  a world without Europeans.
  44. The Mainstream Media has also levied several accusations against the NSCLRP, primarily that we are Antisemitic and “White Nationalists”, both accusations are beyond contemptuous and serve only to mar and smear the image and reputation of the NSCLRP.
  45. The NSCLRP defines Antisemitism as the hatred of Jewish people on the grounds that they were born Jewish, and this is simply not our case. The NSCLRP does not hate anyone in regards to the circumstances of their birth, what we do hate are foreign individuals who, rather than accepting Canada as their home, seek to undermine the National Interests for the sake of furthering the Interests of their own Race,  the Jews -not all Jews, but many Jews- are guilty of this through either Zionism, the loyalty to Israel above all and putting the interests of Israel before their home Nation, Talmudic Jews who through the doctrines of their scripture find it permissible to lie, steal and cheat anyone who is not a Jew, and finally the international clique of Jewish lobbies which hijack and occupy Governments across the world as a continuation of the Marxist social experiments from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  There are countless examples of Jews either perpetrating hate crimes against themselves to frame the “goyim” (The Jewish word for Cattle, and Non-Jews) or otherwise examples of Jews making statements as “White” individuals only to, at a later date, state some variance of “I’m not White, I’m Jewish”
  47. If any other group, mixed or homogeneous, acted in this manner no one would tolerate the behaviour, and historically no one has tolerated this behaviour from the Jews as they have been exiled from over 115 Countries, Nation-States, and Regions over the last 1900 years.
  48. So in the efforts of clarifying these false statements made against us, we are not Antisemitic because we have a negative view of Jewish behaviour,  we do not hate Jews for being born Jewish, and the accusations of Antisemitism serve only to halt any conversation that might be had in regards to these questions about the Jewish people.  In short; if something is observably true, it cannot be racist.  Facts cannot be racist. The NSCLRP is open to changing our position on this matter if the facts, as we see them, can be disproved.
  50. “Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills.”  – Marcus Tullius Cicero ; 1st century BC, Roman Statesman
  52. “In the U.S. cotton states, after the war . . . the Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the Negroes’ wants on credit, and at the end of the season was the proprietor of the Negro’s share of the present crop and part of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew.” –  S. L. Clemens (Mark Twain); 19th century writer, American.
  54. Lastly; in address to the other accusation, that we are “White Nationalists”,  in a phone interview with CBC we were asked this very question; “Would you call yourselves White Nationalists” and my answer on behalf of the NSCLRP was a firm and resounding “No” and it is on record, unfortunately not our records but theirs as our recording was ruined by static and feedback.
  56. We are, and have always been, National Socialists and we have always maintained many points of significant political contention with self-avowed White Nationalists and view them in such low regard that we are on record referring to such people as “Untermenschen” – subhuman creatures who congregate in the lowest gutter of the lowest trailer park to huff gas before getting “Gott Mit Uns” tattooed across their eyebrows, or else set crosses ablaze in the woods and seek ineffective solutions to the National issues as Richard Spencer and his clique in America and the “alt-right” (of which we are also not affiliated) are want to advocate.
  58. National Socialism, as best as I can distill the idea down, is the belief in Nature, Nature’s Laws, and the improvement of a Nation through a Single Party State officiated by a Government which is empowered to act on behalf of the National Interest.
  60. We believe in the repatriation of our National currency, the disestablishment of the private central bank and the elimination of (unfortunately) Jewish debt mechanisms and to federate our currency so that only the Treasury, and therefore the State, can set lending terms and determine the value of our money.
  62. We do not believe in a “Superior Race” but believe that all races are superior in the lands which they evolved to be superior through natural selection of successful genes.
  64. We believe, also, that culture and civilization are the applied genetic expressions of a population and that a civilization functions best when it is racially homogeneous for that reason.
  66. Our current government has thrown away tens-of-billions of dollars annually for the last four years to prop up starving third world Nations, meanwhile our own people stand in lines at the food bank, our industries cannot produce jobs to meet the demands of the population and we are importing workers to fill positions that don’t exist;  these are all things which “White Nationalists” gloss over,  they would rather chant mindless nonsense in the streets and we will have none of that.
  68. To conclude.   Far from the wantonly hateful organization of Neo-Nazi “White Nationalist” trash that the Mainstream has labelled us; we are a compassionate group of individuals who advocate that Europeans act in their own self-interest for the betterment of this Nation and through that inspire other Nations to do the same.  Not every population is inclined towards the same rate of progress whether that is a genetic issue or a sociological issue,  the only way to help those people is to allow them to help themselves.
  70. Thurlow also wanted to add the following after the completion of this commentary: “Make sure you add that our interview was conducted before[1]  this nonsense took place.   I said; ” The idea that we can somehow stop competing for land, resources, food, women to bear children, and every other piece of value if we just held hands and sang kumbaya is naive, infantile and dangerous.”
  72. And what did they do?  They held hands and “circle danced”.”
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