Monday, 21 August 2017

John McAfee reads Jack Kerouac .. Here's to the crazy ones..

John McAfee Assassination Attempt 2017

John McAfee To Google_I'm Coming For You

Guerrilla political tactics, Ramzpaul USA

Why We Will Win

October Pride - Love, Sackville NB Canada 2015

First Pride Parade! Pre-Federal election October 6, 2015 town of sackville and mount allison university / two flag raisings ... over 200 fun, friendly people listened to the speakers liberal party dominic leblanc mp, rev. john perkin of mount allison university [who proclaimed "we are all global citizens on unceded territory' as he stood on the campus] 
After the campus flag raising, walk through town, town flag raising, there was a BBQ party at the town park.

Pride 2016, I couldn't attend... but Oct 6, 2016 special 'pride' issue of the students' newspaper "The Argosy" at article entitled "Policed Pride" Tasia Alexopoulous, a professor of women's and gender studies at Mount Allison University and attendee of the parade says: "For so many reasons, its just not appropriate anymore to have police presence at any queer event. They don't protect us, and their presence is traumatic to a lot of people and symbolically unacceptable." ... Well Tasia... darling... it seems to me the police are damned if they do and damned if they don't ... you do realize they are there for your group's security and support? Holycrap.....

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Muhammad Ali - Humiliates the Anti White

Anti-White Man, Anti-Truth Google Fires Employee for "Diversity Memo"

Canada's Border Shut Down? Or Wide Open?

Canada's Dr. Tim Ball ~ Stairway Press publishing USA

The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science, 2014, is important non-fiction reading for all Canadians.

This recent article from Tim Ball is excellent featured by from Patrick Wood USA's website "Technocracy News" and gives the readers more insight and information into the situation we face when these 'technocrats' attempt to manipulate the narrative and promote their agenda .. click here

#Carbon Tax Is Theft
#Stop Technocracy
#End the Hoax
#Plants Need CO2
#The Science Is Not Settled

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Millennial Woes and Tara McCarthy take your questions on the Alt Right

Canada's "Generation Identitarian" Update

[above photo from Europe's Generation Identitairie]
Thank you to all of those who have followed this page from the start, and thank you to our more recent followers who have unfortunately not been receiving as many updates from us as we would have hoped.
Running a group like this is a time consuming effort that requires considerable dedication. I am happy to announce that despite the public silence for the last few months, Generation Identity: Canada has secured a strong group of individuals who will be taking on management of the organization. It is my expectation that this crew of dedicated Identitarians will continue to transform GenID Canada into the activist force it is meant to be. While I and a number of the original founding members will be around to assist, most of the groups management will conducted by fresh faces.
Expect some well deserved changes in the new couple of weeks! I am sure the new crew will introduce themselves to you all shortly.
- A
Founder - Generation Identity - Canada 

Facebook page here

They hope to have stickers and patches available with their logo soon.. to get the word out.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017